Electric Hockey – Volt Hockey

Have a lot of fun and play the sport Volt hockey with speed and action – even if you have a physically disability. The unique hockey sport chair from UB-let speeds up your life.

As the sport of Volt hockey is growing and now is being played in 6 countries we have started to work on a joint information site.

What kind of information that should be shared here is going to be up to the clubs/players/coaches and whom else that is involved in the sport.

To begin with we have listed the dates of tournaments/camps in the coming season.

We hope to have the rulebook, videos etc. on the site as it grows. Also one important information we would like to share is contact information to all the existing clubs.

Please send your information to us. Send a mail to Allan

Volt hockey is the ultimate sport for children and young people even if they have diagnoses such as muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. Volt hockey gives you a lot of fun experiences and a good companionship with your friends.

The Hockey Sport Chair from the Danish company UB-let gives you the necessary support and safety. The chair is a specially developed vehicle for indoor use. Read more about the chair – (in Danish).

We are working on getting Volt hockey known as a sport in North America. There is a club in Portland, Oregon and in Toronto, Canada.

Read more about Volt Hockey in North America.

The sport is also known as El-hockey, E hockey, Volt Hockey and El-Innebandy.


Tournaments – camps 2017/2018:


·         Arendal Cup – 16 September 2017
·         Flensburg, Lions Cup – 23 September 2017
·         Eskilstuna, Tunaspelen – 7-8 Oktober 2017
·         Gøteborg Open – 25-26 November 2017
·         Lillestrøm Open – 2 December 2017
·         Nyborg Open – 27 January 2018
·         Malmø Open – 10-11 February 2018
·         Sandefjord Cup – 10 March 2018
·         Skien, Klyve Cup – 7 April 2018
·         Slaget om Stockholm – 21-22 April 2018
·         Bærum, Lions Cup – 5-6 May 2018
·         Korsør, Nordic Champions League – 18-21 May 2018
·         Bærum, Training Camp -Week 26-2018

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